Amazing freeride toward Maritsa hut followed by a long walk to Borovets ski Resorts


6 - 7









FATMAP difficulty grade



One of the best backcountry tours I have done this season 2021.

Relatively safe descent with a slope not exceeding 30 degree depending on the snow cover.

The ski touring starts from the lower station of Markudzhik 2 lift station.

During the season you can reach with a one way lift ticket from the "Yastrebetz Express" cabin lift for about 20 leva. Then you ski down to Markudzhik 2 station, skin up and start ascending toward Deno Peak.

The lower chair lift station is about 2150 meters and the Peak is at 2790 meters. If the cabin lift is not open then you can start all the way from Borovets resort but this will take an extra 2-3 hours following the "Musalenska" trail. So from M2 you go toward Musala hut and from there east toward the "Sphinx" and then south to the Deno Peak. Then the fun part starts, descending all the way to 1900 meters to the trail that connects hut Maritsa with hut Chakar Voivoda.

The descend is very nice and relatively safe.

The area is wide enough so you dont have to worry about loosing yourself.

Just follow the natural line of the water and you will end up in a gorge.

Follow the river (Studenoto Dere) for about 200 vertical meters and you will see the trail. Be careful to not miss the trail because otherwise you will end up in a totally different part of the mountain. If there is enough snow you can skin up and start walking to the left toward Chakar Voivoda hut.

It should take you around 2-3 hours to get back to Borovets resort.

When you reach Chakar Voivoda hut you can remove the skins and start descending for most of the way.

There is a small part of about 500 meter that ascends a bit but you can go without taking off the skis.

For snowborders, I guess you don't have much of a choice but to unhook and walk for that section.

Nevertheless, one can divide the trail into two sections. Walking up to Chakar Voivoda and skiing down to Borovets passing by Sitnyakovo station. Enjoy and stay safe.