No secret spot per se, but plenty of space find staches of fresh pow 









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The Albona lift map changed a fair amount with the second Albona Chair being dismantled.

The new fast Albona Bahn starting from Alpe Rauz brings you to the peak, only the lower Chairlift in Stuben still exists.

The top lift was slow, breezy, but we loved it giving the Albona a special feel at the Arlberg.

Yet we lost no lift accessible terrain, the planners did a good job.

The Albona remains a mountain with an abundance of options, preserving snow very well long after dumps.

Definitely no secret spot per se and powder panic applies.

Yet plenty of space, sufficient to find staches of fresh pow even weeks after a dump. Pillows: For savvy skiers and in good snow conditions the lower section offers a few pillow lines.

The most obvious and short line lies right under the Albona I chair.

You navigate through some trees before the terrain gets steeper, entering the bottom section of the lift.

The cable is looker's right of you.

You also see some avalanche barricades on your right.

Now go straight, slightly diagonal.

Below you is another set of barricades, the easiest to stay skiers right.

In very deep conditions you can jump off a few of them, best to pick from below on your way up to ensure they are filled up.

The line does get skied, but not hugely often.

You have spectators guaranteed.

Short, but really sweet.

And awesome when it is dumping.

Especially since the bottom lift rarely closes even if things get dicey with avalanche conditions (the lift guarantees the connection from Stuben to Alpe Rauz, i.e.

allowing access to the rest of Arlberg (