An easy ski tour with mellow terrain and minimal avalanche danger


5 - 6









FATMAP difficulty grade



Healy Pass begins at the Sunshine ski hill parking lot.

It is best to drive past the gondola station and day lodge to the back lot which is used for backcountry access. The trail begins by crossing a wooden bridge close to the gondola station and heading up toward Sunshine Ski Hill.

If you are on the main groomed path after 100 meters you have missed the turn off to the Healy Pass trail, it is well marked with a National Park sign.

The path up the Sunshine Ski out is also enjoyable for a no avalanche risk and on piste tour.

The Healy Pass ski tour follows the summer trail and meanders through the forest - it is a very gradual climb and not particularly strenuous.

As you continue down the drainage you will pass a few very well defined avalanche paths on your right.

Cross these swiftly and one at a time.

The trail will continue until you are out of treeline on a gentle slope.

These slopes are generally very low angle and meadowy in the summer and provide for gentle slopes in the winter.

If you climb all the way to the lookout you are rewarded with a nice view of Egypt lake and the Ramparts this is a great place for hot chocolate and lunch.

If avalanche hazard allows there are a plethora of options for skiing along the Healy Pass trail - you could tour up toward Wawa ridge or the Twin Cairns for some steeper laps or head toward Mount Bourgeau for a very long and big summit.

Please note however as soon as you deviate from the Healy Pass trail you will be entering more complex terrain so make sure you have proper training and are prepared.

This ski tour is a beautiful outing and will inspire you to check out the area in all different seasons.

In the summer this area is renowned for beautiful wild flowers and in the fall for a sea of yellow larch trees a truly spectacular zone in all seasons!