A very unique line with a huge arch to ski through


7 - 8









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a very unique and exciting line.

It is a long day with a long approach for a short line but the uniqueness of the arch and the steepness of the top will satisfy people who enjoy steep skiing and ski mountaineering.

To begin this ski you head up the popular Rockbound Lake hiking trail.

It is primarily double track and heavily skied which makes for easy travel.

Once you get to Rockbound lake the couloir isn't immediately obvious - I suggest skinning out along the edge of the lake on the left side (Castle Mountain side) scanning up at the cliffs for the line.

The couloir itself twists and turns so you can't see the entire line from the bottom making this couloir a bit mysterious, fun but also high consequence if you were to fall.

There is a giant fan that leads to the couloir and this can be an avalanche hazard so do take care in assessing the snowpack as you approach the choke.

The unique stone that is suspended between two cliff walls is right at the entrance to the line so it is fun to get to travel through that first.

Often the area below the stone isn't fully covered and you will have to clamber up 2 meters of snowy rock to continue up the couloir.

This line is best skied in March and April when the rocks below the chockstone are fully covered.

Once through the chockstone crux you can continue up, making twists and turns to a rock cliff near the top.

This line is hard if not impossible to top out on without some climbing gear to make it safe.

If you top out you will need to rappel back in, so most people stop just shy of the top, about 3 metres from the end of the line.

This couloir has significant overhead hazard from Castle Mountain above and the entire line is a, "no fall zone," this is a serious ski and you should only attempt it if you are very comfortable with jump turns and exposure.

Having said that if you are comfortable with those things and stability is good this will certainly be a very memorable ski!