This is an epic ski tour that needs good stability and lots of daylight.



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After doing this tour, I think its a spring tour when you have long days and the snowpack has gone through a few warming/freezing cycles.

We did right after a week of high temps and elevated freezing levels, followed by cooler temps and recent refresh of 10-20 cm.

If you approach this tour this way, ski crampons are mandatory, as all the climbs are steep south facing avalanche paths.

This tour is physically demanding and its took us a little over 10 hours with approx.

18 km and 1600 m elevation.

Again, the climbs are steep and they will wear you out, especially if the south slopes are slippery from solar.

Allow yourself lots of time to finish the tour. The shuttle is setup by parking a car at the tent ridge exit and then driving the party to the parking for Burstall Pass Trail.

This tour travels south to north, with all descents on northwards slopes. I don't think you can pull off this tour if solar radiation or warming were a concern because of south facing avalanche slopes you have to climb.

The whole traverse involves BIG SLOPES, both on the up and the down.

Stability is essential.

The north slopes you will descend are big bowls and pretty steep. The route we took to gain the top of tent ridge is not the best/not the safest and we only did it because it was bomber conditions and it was most direct.

Follow the recommended route from Chic's book for this last section, or just exit the drainage and skip this last climb if your tired. See page 50-52 of Chic Scott's & Mark Klassen's guide book: Summits & Icefields 1 Apline Ski Tours in the Canadian Rockies