Everyone loves a good Flow Job, and you can get a great one here in Las Vegas!


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Flow Job ranks as one of the all-time favorite trails among Las Vegas locals.

This incredible flowy descent traces its way down the spine of a ridge before ripping along an undulating singletrack bench that will have you whooping and hollering the entire way! There's very little in the way of technical challenge on this trail, and yet the ecstasy of flow will delight every mountain biker that ventures here! Since Flow Job traverses the spine of a ridge, you'll enjoy stunning views in all directions the entire time.

Especially during the climb up Goat Roper, you'll enjoy incredible vistas of the towering red rock cliffs in the Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. After the main Flow Job wraps up, the trail climbs over a small rise and drops into a beautiful canyon.

This is a stunning location and a fantastic place to route a trail through, even if it adds a few bonus miles.

Finally, you'll finish your entire Flow Job experience with a little fast, flowy action down to the highway. So how do you find this Flow Job? To get to the top of the descent, you'll need to reach Goat Roper, which is a very reasonable switchbacked climb that occasionally traverses some aesthetic exposed rock along the spine of the ridge.

Nothing on Goat Roper is very technical, making it a great intermediate climb.

However, to reach Goat Roper, you have two options: climbing the great singletrack of Kibbles-n-Bits as mapped here, or using a doubletrack road.

The only weirdness about climbing Kibbles-n-Bits is that if you go this route, the first mile and a half or so will be much more technical than the entire rest of the ride.

If you want to remove that technicality, then opt to climb the road. Once you've finished Flow Job, you have a couple options.

First, for the shortest loop possible, you can take a right on the highway and pedal pavement to return to the trailhead.

However, if you'd like to stay on singletrack, it's possible to create a long loop of almost 30 miles, of which the portion described above is just the first section.

From here, you'll connect into Blue Diamond and then cross back over the highway to access the Southwest Ridge trail system.

You'll traverse a series of trails ranging from beginner to advanced to route your way through the Southwest Ridge trail system, looping all the way back to the Cowboy Trails.

This is an epic day out in the desert, so make sure you're prepared. Finally, you can, of course, set up a point-to-point shuttle with a friend and two cars.

However you construct your ride, you're sure to enjoy this Flow Job!