A flowy beginner-friendly loop through a beautiful section of the desert.


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This short 4-mile loop combining the "Mustang Loop" and "Beginner Loop" trails is indeed the perfect place to take beginner mountain bikers! The singletrack here is smooth and almost entirely bereft of rocks and technical obstacles, allowing beginner riders to focus on the unusual feeling of riding a bicycle on a narrow dirt trail. After a short pedal up from the trailhead, you'll quickly drop into the main descent of the loop, down the Mustang Trail.

This fast, flowy stretch of singletrack flies through a series of fantastic banked corners, keep you rocking and rolling all the way down to a trail junction.

This flowy downhill is just the ticket to get new riders hooked on mountain biking! As an added benefit, from this section of the loop, you'll enjoy captivating views of the towering red rock cliffs to the west.

The top-notch views are guaranteed to make this ride a win! Unfortunately, that flowy descent means that you'll have to climb to get back to the trailhead.

Climbing on the tail end of the ride is never the best, but it's only about 200 vertical feet of uphill to get back to the car.

You got this—I believe in you.