Another classic at the Albona with an abundance of options.









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Leaving the Albona Bahn lookers right towards Albonagratstube.

Once you reach the hut, turn 180 degrees (looking south), the peak you face is the Moroikopf.

It has two peaks, one on the left (east, one on the right (west).

You need skins from here.

If the track is well set it can be done as a boot pack.

I have seen people do it, but it looks painful.

The ascent takes some 30-40 minutes with the first patch being fairly flat until you reach the bottom of the pyramid.

From here zig-zag up often following tracks until you reach the peak.

The classic descent first goes South-West and gradually tilts West over wide open spaces.

The sprinkled boulders become less frequent once you reach the meadows.

As you ski down further, you see the valley of the Albonabach, a creek flowing through the valley we follow all the way to Langen.

There is a short patch where we need to navigate a small rock-band with a mini waterfall.

Route finding is obvious, but - depending on the snow conditions - might require some side-stepping.

Below we reach the beautiful lower part of the valley taking us all the way to Langen, spitting us out below the road.

The bus stop (from where we get back to Stuben) is lookers right slightly up the road.

Excluding a patch skiers left and directly right of the waterfall, the entire face is rideable. The upper part has plenty of alternatives.

In solid snow conditions, you can turn skiers right fairly early on and drop over a ridge towards Kaltenberghuette: At times the rigde has little snow due to wind blowing it away.

Once below the ridge, just go straight.

Stay lookers right of the cliffs to get down to the valley leading to Langen.