Technical descending with stunning views of the city.


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The Cowboy Trails offer some of the highest-quality technical mountain biking in the Las Vegas Metro Area.

Thanks to the various spines and ridges, there are several different options for ripping back down the mountain to return to the trailhead.

[Boneshaker]( is one of the most popular descents, followed by Bomb Voyage (mapped here). There are several different ways to gain the top of the ridge.

You could climb Kibbles-n-Bits as mapped on the Boneshaker Loop, or you could take a more direct route on the Bunny and Fossil Canyon trails, as mapped here.

Bunny and Fossil Canyon climb more relentlessly than Kibbles-n-Bits, making for a faster but arguably more arduous climb.

These trails are overall less rocky, but there are still several steep rock gardens to conquer and some challenging ledges to grunt up.

The valley you're pedaling through is beautiful, though, and you're guaranteed to remain engaged all the way to the top of the ridge. Several options exist for descending Bomb Voyage, but this route begins on the Ridge trail, offering fantastic views over Las Vegas and exposed drops along the ridgeline.

All of the ledge drops can be avoided on this trail...

which can't be said for Bomb Voyage. Bomb Voyage proper begins quite moderately, with mostly flowy singletrack punctuated by rock obstacles.

It gets progressively more difficult as you descend, with the ledge drops and rock gardens increasing in size. You'll think you're almost done when you begin to skirt the sidehill with the bottom of the mountain in sight, but the most technical obstacles are still in store! Here, the singletrack funnels through several tight, rocky, exposed choke points that will force most mountain bikers to dismount and walk.

Several technical features will be right on the line for some riders, and unrideable for others.

The ultra-tough features are quickly walked, but if you're unable to ride even Bomb Voyage's features of middling difficulty, you're gonna have a bad time.

The "Extreme" rating is definitely earned!