A narrow and atmospheric line from an iconic summit.


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From the top of the Birgitzköpfl chairlift, put skins on and make a rising traverse south-east for 100 horizontal metres towards a wide gully descending from a col.

Skin up the gully (which narrows and steepens at the top but should be skin-able all the way) to the col.

This ascent should take about 30 - 40 minutes and the terrain is 35 degrees maximum.

Once at the col, continue climbing, slowly swinging round to the left, following natural shape of the ridge you've just reached, and climb easily to the summit of Saile (the name of the Nockspitze's higher of 2 summits).

Take skins off and ski north for 50 metres to the col which separates the 2 summits of the Nockspitze.

From the col, the line is on the left.

The entry is steep at around 35 - 40 degrees for 20 metres, and the line then funnels and narrows but also becomes slightly less steep.

Follow the couloir, which at times is just a couple of metres wide, to the wide triangular slope beneath it.

Put the pedal to metal and blast down this then either skin for 10 minutes back to the Birgitzköpfl chairlift or turn right and head down to the Götzens Linkup and on down to the village of Götzens.