The world famous route for the vertical KM race in Fully









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Considered the fastest vertical kilometer course in the world, arguably the most famous and home to the famous Fully Vertical KM race, this track will certainly show you why it is the king.

Not surprisingly, it holds some of both the men's and women's fastest records. The track has gained some popularity around the world not just for it's steepness and oddly straight line, but for racers to go after the sub-30-minute VK.

As of now, only 3 people in the world have ever broken this barrier - even Killian Jornet has tried and failed.

Starting at 500m and rising to 1500m over about a 2km distance this track gets right to the point.

Some sections of the trail can reach a 60º gradient.

The trail was originally a wagon line created in the late 1800s around the arrival of trains to the Rhone Alps.

Now, people revert to the old ways and run or walk up it.

The trail can be extremely dangerous especially outside of the summer season.

The rails help to guide you up but it is not recommended for descending because of how steep it is.

This trail has rails, fences, ladders, tunnels, dirt and history - enjoy it.