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The Ruta 0-4-0 is an epic sea to summit fastest known time that finishes with an arrival back on the black volcanic sands of Playa del Socorro, after bagging the highest peak of Spain – Mt.


This run is a recipe for real adventure, with a side of pain and a good serving of stoke! Currently held by pros Emelie Forsberg in 7:06:16 & Manual Marillas in a whopping time of 5:26:28 and pertaining to an excellent amount of vert – just shy of 4000m – this FKT is sure to test one's limits. The watch starts at Playa del Socorro in Los Realejos and steeply climbs up the Mirador del Lance.

You’ll pass through a changing landscape as you leave the ocean behind and enter into high altitude territory.

Wave "Adios" to the beach and say hello to banana and avocado plantations before taking on the incredibly steep streets that top out in sparse pine of the Corona forest, before moving on to the orange-coloured moonscape of Teide National Park.

After Montana Blanca at 2748 meters, begin the final assault to the top of the world’s third largest volcano.

The scent of sulphur will let you know that you’re nearing the summit.

Inhale on top at a thin-aired 3718 meters before descending back the way you came.

There’s plenty of variety to keep you entertained on the 28 kilometres up and then down again via the same route, coinciding with the PR-TF 41.

Tips: Acclimatising first is a good idea – trust me.

The final water point is at approximately 1000m at Fuente de Pedro, just shy of the first views of the grand goal: Mt.


Don’t forget your permit for the summit if going between the hours of 9am and 5pm.

You can request it in advance at www.reservasparquesnacionales.es/. More information on the FKT can be found at: www.fastestknowntime.com/route/ruta-0-4-0-pico-de-teide-canary-islands-spain.