Casual hike with ocean views, ancient ruins, and waterfalls of the “Seven Sacred Pools.”


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Kūloa Point and 'Ohe'o Gulch offer a stunning variety of scenery is a short span of easy trail, making it a great family hike or a way to spend a lazy afternoon in this part of the national park.

It also makes a good fall-back plan if the weather is unfavorable for a longer outing. Beginning on a wide trail through the forest, you’ll pass a large banyan tree with spidery branches and hanging roots.

The trail then leads through a more open area, with meadows of head-high grasses and umbrella-like hala trees.

It’s a short walk to reach the coast at Kūloa Point, where you’ll find a view atop lava rocks that jut into the waves.

Nearby you can find some historic stone ruins as well. Continuing the loop takes you to the Pools of 'Ohe'o, also called the Seven Sacred Pools.

These are a string of cascades and plunge pools inside a mini-gorge of angular basalt, emptying into the sea.

Stone steps lead down to the water level, and you can walk or wade farther along the stream from there.

Swimming is sometimes allowed, but seasonally prohibited for flash flood danger.

Caution is always advised, as signs around the pools make clear there are slick rocks and submerged hazards. Sources: