Superb powder skiing in a bowl under a dramatic peak


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



If you're looking for sheltered snow, a dramatic summit and panoramic views, this itinerary is well worth a look. Literally and metaphorically overshadowed by Skårasalen - a higher and better known peak located on the other side of the valley, this route is ideal if you're looking to escape the masses in pursuit of fresh tracks. The adventure begins at the trailhead (or wherever you can find a suitable/sensible parking spot in snowy conditions) in the Kvistaddalen valley - a short drive from Saebo. Proceed in a SW direction across the fields before winding your way upwards through the notorious Norwegian trees towards the col.

At round 680m the terrain flattens off as you enter the bowl.

Leaving the summit of Rognestylestindan skier's right, proceed in a SE/E direction towards the very obvious triangular peak that lies at the head of the bowl. Depending on snow conditions you may want to leave skis at the base of the peak and make the final ascent to the summit of Kopphornet (1159m) on foot.

From here the views are pretty jaw dropping, taking in some of the Sunnmøre alps' most impressive summits including Skårasalen (1540m), Storhornet (1600m) and the region's highest peak - Kvitegga (1691m). There are numerous options for the descent which include dropping off the NE side in between the summits of Heimste Kopphornet and Klovtinden Nord. Faced with perfect powder and endless options for fresh tracks, you may prefer to just put in multiple laps in the main bowl instead - we did! When your legs are done and it's all skied out, it's time to head for home, which essentially involves retracing your steps.

Be sure to have some energy in reserve for those notoriously tricky Norwegian trees!