A fantastic shuttle run with delightful rock gardens.









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Bootleg Canyon is renowned for rocky, challenging singletrack, regardless of whether you're shredding on a big downhill bike or pedaling a long cross country loop.

When it comes to shuttle runs, several trails drop off the top of the mountain, plummeting straight down the front side via gnarly double black diamond trails.

On those trails, you'll find gap jumps, massive rock gardens, and all manner of gnar. If you're not up for quite that much challenge, try this shuttle run on Boy Scout -> Girl Scout instead.

This route offers plenty of rock gardens that toe the line between upper intermediate to lower advanced difficulty.

These trails can provide the perfect playground to help burgeoning riders hone their skills. The initial descent from the shuttle drop-off is fast and furious, descending through a few switchbacks and pinning through several technical rock gardens.

Most of the upper rock gardens offer several line choices, allowing you to choose how much difficulty you want to take on.

Some of the upper sections traverse moderately exposed bench cut trails and also offer fantastic views of the region. Lower down, the singletrack gets swoopier and flowier, although the occasional rock garden still punctuates that swoop and flow.

The trails here are much less exposed, and the rock gardens are more approachable for intermediate riders. You'll pass through several trail junctions along this shuttle run, allowing you to add to or change the route to fit your needs.

You could add even more pedaling by, for example, climbing over the low pass to access Mother's.