A double loop combining two of the best short descents in the lower foothills.









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This is a fairly quick loop starting from Hull’s Gulch trailhead, combining two of the best downhills in the area.

Note that as of spring 2021, Lower Hull’s Gulch is only open to downhill riders (and closed to all others!) on odd-numbered days of the month. To do the loop as mapped you’ll go up Red Cliffs, which is a smooth and scenic singletrack, then continue to go up and wind around on Crestline.

This is a wide and relatively flat trail, so you’ll be free to enjoy the views over the city.

At the junction with Hull’s, skip across 8th Street Extension road to get on Corrals trail and start going downhill.

Turn onto Bob’s, and treat yourself to some tight and swoopy singletrack, with a generous sprinkling of small rock gardens throughout. Veer onto the 8th Street connector, then pedal up the road to get back to Lower Hull’s.

This is another glorious downhill that’s over all too soon.

It winds along a cut bench over a creek, almost all downhill but with some short pumps.

Smooth, granular tread is interspersed with lots of rock drops and rolls––most are small but some are bigger, and one sequence in particular is in a blind turn with no bypass.

It’s a good thing this trail now has dedicated downhill days!