The scenic path across the bay









FATMAP difficulty grade



The long way across the iron cove bridge contains scenic views and often a cool wind off the water.

moderate inclines on both ends of the bridge provide a challenge for an intermediate rider.

Start on the south side of the bridge for a mostly smooth path with an early, short (20m or so) steep hill to get the blood pumping, with a stable path until the last kilometer, which contains a mix of low incline slow hills.

Start at the north side of the bridge for a smooth downhill start, with a few short steeps towards the end of the trip.

Riding across the bridge is simple, with a wide shared path on the east side containing directional divides, and a good barrier separating it from the road.

This can get windy, so be aware of headwinds and pedestrians. Currently (early May) there are roadworks making it more difficult to cross from the east to west side of Victoria road, however you can get under both sides of the bridge.

If doing this, be aware of stairs on the sout side and a long hill underneath the north side, with more complex traffic.