True Classic of the Region. Start in Hochfügen itself.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Take the 8-er Jet up.

It does get crowded, but due to solid capacity the wait is generally not too bad.

From here ride down to Waidoffen 6-pack lift.

If you get out looker's right, around the restaurant, you have a short off-piste patch with a few kickers.

If you want to push it, take the lift up and leave looker's left. Stay as high as possible, traversing under an avalanche barricade, under the peak of Pfaffenbichl.

The standard and most obvious access is essentially traversing over with a short side-step up staying above a large boulder until you reach another short uphill to the ridge.

This entrance is used often and you will most likely find tracks.

From here straight down in amazing terrain.

The bowl is spacious so you generally find first stashes of fresh pow.

Ride down until the valley opens up to the left and traverse out.

The traverse is fine on skis but can be annoying for our less flexible friends on boards. It wouldn't be called Superbowl, if there was just one run.

There is an abundance of chutes leading to higher parts of the bowl.

One chute can be accessed by continuing straight up from the side-steps passage.

It usually has a cornice, so don't get too close or check it out from the rocks on the left before dropping in.

It is not super steep, but avalanche prone.

There are some nice and chunky boulders in there, excellent for hucks...

I have never seen tracks but ours in here. Another alternative is between the two options described, already described by Charlie - see the map for details.

It is a little less exposed and also hardly gets any tracks. At the second side-step turn right and stay right of some peak and drop from here.

The easiest route is slightly skiers left before turning right in a large arch, but you can also get in further right.

All those lead to an upper bowl with a distinct exit on the right.

From here you see another small peak in front of you.

Both left and right of it are possible.

You are on Alpine meadows, generally the terrain is not steep, apart from a few small chutes further down lookers right.  Once across the ridge route finding is obvious, everything spits you towards Hochfuegen.

If you stay skiers right from the higher entrances, there is some short nice chutes at the bottom, and even some cliffs to jump (check out from the bottom first, some are high, with flat landings).

Once out there, you need to traverse skiers left, dont get too low towards the creek, you'd have to hike it up again.  There is a fair amount of traversing.

Sometimes you have to pass avalanche debris, especially in spring with the sun causing wet snow triggers.

You reach a few isolated houses, follow the road for a few meters before dropping off to the right following the sled track.

It's fine to go bananas as long as you stay in control, there is often families! It spits you out at the base station of the 8er jet. There is further entrances to the bowl higher up if you are happy to hike/climb a bit more: