Shorter Alternative to the Greenway to Otway









FATMAP difficulty grade



This route follows the greenway way trail towards Otway past the lodge house.

Right at the start you get one of the steepest hills on a grassy slope.

From here it's a rapid descent into the valley through rolling terrain.

The ground is pretty descent riding, but not technical.

The easiest riding is on the way to the Otway.

At about the 4km mark look for a somewhat shrubby singletrack detour off the main road.

It widens considerably after a short distance.

The route varies from old roads to single track here.

Early season expect lot's of mud.

At a distinct yellow trunk tree look for another subtle singletrack heading east.

The trail improves after 300m once it begins to creep out of the wet valley.

It's a steep single track, loose climb.

Above this it's good riding, with occasional deadfall and some tricky technical riding on the ridge.

The descent is fun, and mostly straightforward down to a field.

Keep right, and try and avoid going out onto the field. From there the road connects to Forest of the Worlds and back to the Greenway