Short exploration to Oberwil with some exciting hidden urban trails.


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The trail starts at the Bundesplatz and you go along the lake before going through the old town.

As you continue alongside the lake and leaving the city behind you start to gain elevation.

The views of the Alps appear against the lake.

Once you reach Oberwil bei Zug turn left again towards the mountain in the direction of the Zugersee Klinik.

Follow the path on the left next to the complex.

This is where the paved road turns into a steep forest road, gaining elevation quickly with a view of Zug.

As the path joins the road, in the crossing you find a station of the Waldparcours.  The road keeps rising sharply for about 1 more kilometre, going deeper into the forest.

At 4.6km you reach the highest point of the trail at 517m.

The trail continues on a gravel road crossing shortly a stream with a beautiful waterfall.

Turn left, just before reaching the funicular at Schonegg station.

Continue descending, shortly you will find a forested valley with the Fridbach stream.

Descend into the valley and follow the stream.

This is probably the most exciting part of the trail, where you run above and next to the spring on single trails for about 800m until you reach a crossroad.

Continue towards the city centre, shortly you are in the old town passing the St Oswald church.

Once you reach the Postplatz turn left back to the lakeside and keep going until Bundesplatz. You can shorten this route and skip the climb by taking bus 11 to Schonegg and run in the other direction.

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