Run from Baar to Hollgrotten and back alongside the Lorze river.


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The trail is pleasantly quiet - it's perfect for switching off and immersing yourself into nature during a lunch break or after work. It is a highly rewarding and easy trail, which can also be run independently of the weather conditions as it is mostly on gravel roads and sheltered by trees.

It can even be easily run in wintertime.

It starts and ends at the same place, sharing some parts of the route.

The trail can be broken down into 2parts.

The first part through the pine forest on gravel roads with some climbing, the second part of the trails is following single trails alongside the Lorze river.  The trail starts just behind the parking lot in Baar by the Brauerei.

Kick-off with a steep and root-y trail that leads you to an open field at Altgutsch.

It is a perfect warm-up when walked.

Once upon the field, turn left into the forest.

The road will be going on the level on a wide gravel road in an open airy forest with tall pine trees. You reach an opening - continue towards Hollgrotten following the hiking signs, short ascent and level again for about 500 meters before turning downhill.  You reach the main road (Hollstrasse) continue right towards Höllgrotten, after the bridge turn right towards Hollgrotten.

Run alongside the Lorze upstream, Before you reach the Kiosk turn left, short climb and continue towards Baar.

The path continues along the Lorze on varying paths.

This is a very rewarding experience running on this path, you can listen to the sounds of the river all the way.

When out of the forest cross the bridge and continue on the hiking path towards Baar alongside the forest.

After 700 meters you are back to the start point.