A steep line on the highest peak in Finland. The route description starts from the camp next to Ritnijavri Lake.


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Ridnitšohkka (Ridni) is the highest mountain peak in Finland.

The top of the mountain rises 1317m above the sea level.

The native Same name can be translated as rime-snow mountain. Ridni is located in Halti Sector, about 55km from the village of Kilpisjärvi. From the shoulder of Ridni starts a very steep south-facing slope that has potential for many different lines.

This is an expert line and very safe snow conditions are mandatory. The biggest hazard together with snow stability is the cornice on the top of the slope. Cornices are created when the wind transports snow over the top of a slope.

They can be managed quite safely during cold weather cycles, but when spring arrives, they can become a real hazards.

The south face of Ridni is a perfect example of a slope that will have big avalanches every winter. You can travel to Ridnitšohkka by ski touring or with snowmobile transport which only guides or local authorities are licensed to do. For ski touring options it is recommended to check possibilities via https://www.nationalparks.fi/kasivarsi For snowmobile transport and guiding: https://arcticchapter.fi and https://laplandguiding.com Once you arrive at the location you can scout the line well from the lake where the line ends.

To reach the top of the line follow the gentle and easy route towards the east.

It is very easy to reach the top of mountain and enjoy the view before heading to the actual face on the shoulder. The runs next to main face can be managed quite easily by checking the snow conditions and you can traverse on the main face from here.

If you wish to ride down the main face as close to the top as possible you need to be prepared because you have to deal with the cornice to create a better entry point for your line. If you are able to deal with the cornice, choose the line you want to attempt and prepare to commit on the top. The top part of the descent is very steep and you will gain lot of speed fast, in the middle it mellows out and you will have time to make few good turns before entering the lower rollover section that is quite steep.

Once at the bottom, be happy and let it sink in.

This is one of the most amazing steeper freeride descents in Finland.

NOTE: You might want to go again but on a personal note I highly recommend that focusing on one good and demanding descent should be enough to be happy for a day.

It’s better to enjoy more soul riding in mellower terrain after a descent like this.