A perfect trail for a quick run via Inwil and Arbach to the lakeside.


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When you are in a rush and need to make a quick exit this is a perfect trail for that.

It is a mixture of lakeside, urban roads and large open fields with a view over the Zugerberg and the Alps.

The trail is going on mostly asphalt roads with short segments of dirt roads.

Starting from Bundensplatz make your way up towards the North and the Kantonschule via Metallstrasse.

Carry on running towards the large fields, When you reach Greenbachstrasse turn right and follow the road toward Inwil.

When in Inwill turn right at the first junction to continue on the main road towards Arbach.

After a short uphill, you will be offered a beautiful view of Zug city and the Alps in the background.

Gazing the clouds over the town makes you filled up with the space around Zug offering a perspective from the everyday busyness.

After leaving Arbach the road leads you to a smaller dirt road beside the main road where you can enjoy running beside some farms up until the next hill at Hofladen Rüschenhof.

You re-enter Zug by Loreto through the residential area via Loöberenstrasse with beautiful gardens.

Crossing the main road leads to the last uphill toward Höhenweg where you start to embrace the old Castle district with the St.

Michaels Church at the end.

There you get the first view of the magnificent Lake of Zug hiding behind the trees.

Running left toward the lakeside you reach Theather Casion Zug and the cobblestone streets of the old town leading back to the starting point leaving you with a touch of history.