A scenic loop with great views over Zug and the lake


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Starting in the busy centre of Zug at Metalli this trail leads you out of the city quickly.

Soon you are already confronted with a first little climb in a small forest to wake up, while crossing a park pretty close to Metalli.Then you get some time to breathe again while running along the hill from Arbach to Inwil.

After that, the fun starts as you get on a smaller gravel road along the side of the forest.

This part is a bit more demanding as it gets steeper here.

But on the way up you can already enjoy an amazing view over Zug, the lake and the mountains – so every gained meter in altitude pays off! After a short part following the road you get a little break by running slightly downwards along some fields.

If you are lucky the fields are beautifully coloured in yellow as the rapeseed might be in bloom.  Then the last long climb brings you to the top of this trail.

This is probably the steepest part of your run, but could also be the highlight! If you’re still able to see clearly and take your time you can enjoy an amazing view over lake Zug and the mountains once again while you run along the forest edge.  When you reached the top a soft descent through the forest brings some recovery for your legs on your way down in the direction of Baar.  While avoiding bigger roads the trail leads you from Baar to Inwil by running down on a little path on a field where you can let your legs roll on the soft grass.

On paved but quiet roads you get from Inwil back to the starting point in Zug.  This trail switches it up with some challenging climbs and easier parts in between, so the meters in altitude are split up and don’t have to be done all in one part.

If you don’t feel like running uphills there is always the possibility to just walk and also the great views on the steep parts give you a good excuse to just stop, take a picture and breath for a minute.