This trail offers the ultimate variety starting from the Villete park in Cham.


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This trail offers the ultimate variety for runners.

Large open fields, mountain views, lakeside trails, wildlife, town park, river life and farms all feature.

It's mostly flat and alternates between dirt roads, gravel roads and farm roads.

There's just a perfect combination between shade and sun highly recommended for hot summer runs.

The best is to start near Park Villette in Cham.

Start running along the river Lorze passing the flood gate then turn right to reach Lorzenweg.

Following the Lorze you quickly leave the residential area to meet the true face of Lorze starting at the Villa Hammer.

Crossing the bridge at the Villa brings you to a protected wildlife area with special birds and wonderful trees providing cooling shade.

After passing the highway viaduct, turn left back to the residential area and cross the main road at Heiligkreuz.

By the Kloster Heiligkreuz the landscape changes to large fields and dirt roads with large open space.

Following the road, you might meet large eagles hunting on the fields.

You will reach a farm shortly, take a right to the main road and cross the bridge above the highway.

Leaving the bridge follow the farm road on the right trough the apple farm and carry on towards Huünenberg. Crossing the farm offers a special gift of mountain views with Pilatus and Rigi in the background.

You arrive the residential area of Huünenberg See where you cross the main road and railroad to reach the lakeside.

This gravel road will take you back to Park Villette to have a refreshing finish at the lakeside.

If you have the time just jump into the Lake at Hirschgarten for a cool off.

Those who have sharp eyes may meet Fritz along the way.