Flow with the Lorze from Neuageri all the way to Zug via Baar









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This trail is perfect for a nice and smooth run on a hot summer day.

The forest and the valley will help keeping you cool and protect you from the sun while running.

Additionally there are several possibilities to cool down, drink some water, or fill up your water bottles if you get thirsty.

But this trail is a good choice on other days as well! It follows the scenic valley of the Lorze and leads you down to Baar on a soft descent, with the river always right besides you.

You run on wide gravel paths most of the time, cross cute bridges and pass several waterfalls – so it never gets boring! From time to time the trail gets a bit more narrow and there are some roots and stones, which makes your run more varied and entertaining.

Still this run is technically easy and doable for everyone. If you are new to trail running or you want an easy run without uphills, this might be the perfect run for you! As you follow the valley down to Baar it feels like you are flowing downwards as easy as the river does.

There is only one short climb that is a bit steeper while the rest of the the run doesn’t make it necessary to push yourself too hard.

If you still don’t feel like doing this little climb, you could also skip it and just keep following the river.

But the little climb is for sure worth it: you get to run along the edge of the forest and you can enjoy the view over the valley you were running in before.

Even though the trail isn’t too far away from Zug it feels like you are running through a different world far away from the city and really get to experience nature. Once you get down to Baar, the trail leads you back to Zug using small paved roads.

Busy roads are avoided when possible.

You run along the hill through Inwil with a view over Zug with Rigi and Pilatus in the background.