Run to Aegeri from Zugerberg and explore the hidden meadows on the Aegeri valley.


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This is a trail that offers a versatile experience from easy, gravel roads with scenic views to more technical mountain trails and gives you the chance to get to know some hidden meadows on the way to the Aegeri valley. The run starts from the mountain station of Zugerberg; if you take the cable car, it will already get you in the mood with the great view of Zug and the mountains of Rigi and Pilatus in the background. After a short warm-up section to Zugerberg and a steeper climb that tests your stamina and makes you get focused on your body, you will reach a section with far less people surrounding you, yet with an amazing scenery of the moorland and the mountains Rigi and Wildspitz.

It’s not a very technical terrain, but all the more chance for you to indulge in the scenery while putting some miles behind yourself. Just by the time you feel like wanting to break the monotony, you reach a section where you enter the forest.

In summertime you will be thankful to get some protection in the shades and start to focus on your closer surroundings: winding trails, rocks and roots to jump across, small rivers to listen to if you prefer to leave your earphones at home.

I find this downhill forest section really rewarding after the first, more scenic but also more tiring section of the run. If you know Unterägeri already, you know how beautiful it is, especially when the city of Zug lies covered in fog at the feet of Zugerberg, while up in Aegeri often times you still have stunning sunshine above the fog level.

The added value of this trail is that you will get to know a different face of the town, as you are approaching from the mountain side that is closed from the traffic.