This one seems to be an eternal secret spot. Family resort.









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This one seems to be an eternal secret spot.

Family resort.

If you beacon check in the cable car, people think you are from planet Mars (and if there was snow, I'd love to ski Olympus Mons on Mars, def unmatched vertical). Snow here is epic.

It dumps.

The snowiest region in the Alps.

The low altitude of the base will make you walk late in the season, but in high winter, this is top notch. You are here for skiing the dark side of Diedamskopf.

Yet first hike up to the peak, the view is stunning.

It is the first high Peak on the North-West side of the Alps, this is the reason why it snows so much.  Dark side: Get out of the Gondola orienting skiers right all the way to the ridge.

Stay on the ridge and drop right the after you see a small intermediate peak on the right.

Drop right – fairly steep for a short patch – between bushes.

Ski/board one at a time, this patch tends to trigger.

Then head skiers left over unbelievably beautiful snowy meadows.

When entering the next small bowl, turn slightly right and ski down until you are below the bushes.

On your left, you see a creek, follow it until you reach a bridge on your left.

Cross it and ride home from here, partially through the woods and depending conditions following a trail all the way to the piste.

There is variations, but there is also serious cliffs.

Route finding errors here can have consequences. I love this one.   There is a beautiful warm-up bowl on the top.

Leave the cable car looker's right and stay just right of the ridge, left of the piste (beware of the cliffs on your left).

Take Kruezle T-Bar up and go straight staying as high as possible (you need to do a few turns downhill to stay below the rocks and trees).

Keep traversing.

Once you reach the bottom of the bowl, put on the skins.

Skin up on the right side until you reach the ridge.

From here you can continue to hike up to Falzer Kopf, or drop in back to the left.

There is plenty of options, hardly ever any tracks and lots of good kickers.

But you have to earn it.

Falzer Kopf is fairly popular with Ski Tourers, the run directly to the valley is also worth doing.