Head into the mountains to reach a high pass, and find a historic cabin with a dramatic backdrop.


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Sun Valley is steeped in mountains and trails among them, so deciding where to hike can seem overwhelming.

If you only have limited time, don't miss out on the trail to Pioneer Cabin.

This hike offers a solid workout and impressive views, climbing through the forest to a mountain meadow with an alpine panorama.

The historic cabin at the end is like the cherry on top. Start from the Pioneer Cabin trailhead at the end of Corral Creek Road (a good dirt road).

From there, the trail goes steadily uphill through leafy forest, where the shade is welcome in summer and the colors are brilliant in fall.

You might spot deer or elk grazing in clearings on the hillsides.

The trail climbs to a ridgeline and takes some switchbacks to gain elevation.

Even higher up, it breaks into a broad meadow.

Turn to see mountains unfolding behind you, and look up to see the pass you have to reach.

Follow the trail across alternating grassy and rocky slopes, and up a few more switchbacks, to reach the top.

Cresting the hill, an even better panorama unfolds.

You’ll look across a deep valley at a horizon of pointed peaks, which rise high above the timberline and may even be streaked with snow.

In the foreground is the aged wood cabin, adding more character to the spectacle.

It’s maintained to be a ski hut in winter, and is normally open to visitors all year.

Please treat the cabin and everything inside it with respect, leaving what you find for others to enjoy. Note that the track mapped here returns by the same trail, but you could instead make a longer loop by continuing from the hut onto Long Gulch Trail, which connects to the same trailhead. Sources: https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/sawtooth/null/recarea/?recid=5829&actid=50 https://www.visitsunvalley.com/summer/hiking-in-sun-valley-idaho-a-summer-guide/