Run across Zugerbeg, this trail follows grassy pastures and gentle inclines all the way down to Zug with magnificent views.


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The trail starts at the centre of Allenwinden, The first 400m is on a steep paved road which you might decide to walk as a warm-up.

Once out of the village you reach the first farm building on the left, a farm road leading up the hill.

It will take you into the forest after a short descent.

The trail continues climbing uphill for the next 2km inside the forest on mixed roads.

During this part, you will come across a couple of streams, one of which you need to jump to cross, be prepared to get wet :) in case you land short.

The peak of the trail is reached after 5.5km and the downhill begins, it is where the beauty of Zugerberg reveals itself.

The view will open up turn by turn as you start to descend.

The trail winds through a grassy plateau with grazing cows before a sudden ascent to Zug city.

You will pass St.

Verena Church just before entering the city.

The last part of the trail is winding through the streets of Zug, where you might decide to take your directions to finish the run.