A shady walk at low altitude without any particular challenges as long as you don’t venture beyond the path back to Chippis, where the bisse turns into the Val d’Anniviers along the bed of the Navizence.


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



A simple and pleasant walk along the Bisse de Ricard.

Can alternatively be combined with the Bisse de Vercorin from Vercorin and the Vallon de Rechy. There is particular difficulty if you don’t go further than the tunnel of the bisse.

After this point on the old trail the bisse is very steep and even dangerous, despite the hand-rail in place for the most perilous stretches. Begin in the middle of the village of Réchy and follow the path for the Vallon de Réchy by way of the Route des Moulins (follow the route no.3 from Chalaisenchalet via Réchy).

After ten minutes climbing, you arrive at a hairpin bend.

Fifty metres after this bend, take the forest track which follows the river (La Rèche) in the direction: Mayens de Réchy, l’Ar du Tsan, le Louché, etc.


Follow the road which doubles as a Stations of the Cross trail.

Cross the river and make your way uphill along the bisse.

For the first half of the walk the water is channeled through pipes.

You cross the vineyards of Réchy and Chalais.

When you reach the road to Vercorin via Briey you have only a few hundred metres to go before the bisse crosses a lovely leafy forest.

The bisse flows in the open as far as a tunnel built to replace the old spectacular bisse which runs along the left side of the Val d’Anniviers and the Navizence.

About 200 metres after the tunnel a very steep path takes you back down to Chippis (until this point the path is safe.

When you arrive in Chippis there is a bus service for the return trip to Réchy.

Check the timetable as there is a bus at around midday and another early in the evening.