A hidden gem with short and long loops, including the Roller Coaster downhill which is worth lapping more than once.


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The Satterfield Trails often fly under the radar, even though they make a go-to ride for many locals.

The [City of Pocatello](https://www.visitpocatello.com/things-to-do/trails/) notes a couple of these trails on their maps, but there are more possibilities than the maps give away.

There’s also no official trailhead, making these trails a bit tricky to get to.

Access is through an upscale neighborhood, where you might find dead-end street parking or be able to park at the LDS Temple, but it’s recommended to ride in from elsewhere. The ride mapped here combines some of the best trails in the Satterfield system.

Start by going up Bluebird trail, which has a pretty steep section near the top.

You’ll then turn on The Matrix, which starts as a 4x4 road on a grassy ridgeline.

Enjoy the view over the city from there, then turn and carve downhill on a purpose-built track.

This feeds into a loop that’s a mix of multi-use trails, serving up some more downhill followed by the big climb back up.

Luckily the ascent is somewhat shaded in a gulch full of juniper trees.

Back on top of the ridge, you’ll retrace the dirt road to really satisfy your downhill fix on Roller Coaster Trail.

This gem flows through juniper forest in Bluebird Gulch, braiding into lots of different variations.

There are plenty of optional jumps from small to medium, and more technical lines to be found.

It’s a good time for any level of rider––so good you might want to lap it again!