Maja e Jezerces 2694m(Lugu i Smailit)


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FATMAP difficulty grade



Peak of Jezerca is highest peak of the entire Dinaric Apls standing at 2694m.

There are 4 or 5 routes that can reach the summit.

Three of them are from Valbone and one from Theth and last one from Montenegro. Tailhead start at Gjelaj Rrogam and continue up across the stream.

The trail was covered with snow so we did not face difficulty at the beginning.

The trailhead is at altitude 1100m, the first 2km have slope at around 25%.

The route goes across the trough and turns left at 4.4km,altitude 2250m, Then it continues up till you reach Maja e Jezerces Vogel.

Photo Jezerca e Vogel.

Maximum slope at this section goes up to 60%.

You should be careful at the section from 4.7km up to Maja e Jezerces Vogel as the slope is high and you may face falling stones.

From Jezerca e Vogel up to the main summit there is only one point where one should be careful as it is very dangerous but it is smth like 2 meters ascending. Lugu I Smailit trail is technically more difficult than other routes.

So it falls between Difficult and Very Difficult .

The length of the route is shorter, roughly 5.3km up to the summit.

It took us 5h to reach the summit and 9h20min with an average speed of 1.2kph and elevation gain 1600m On the summit the beautiful view is guaranteed. 23 May 2021