A wonderful trip with views of everything from barren moorland to Belfast city and port.


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This really is a fabulous hike, mixing every sort of view possible in Northern Ireland with some wonderfully wild terrain.

Start by driving out of Belfast and up to the Barn Coffee Shop, a traditional old stone building which has plenty of parking.

The cafe itself (which is run by The National Trust) is open from 10am - 4pm but the parking area is available outside those hours. Hike east out of the carpark, pass through a gate and, 100 metres later, turn right onto the clear (and clearly signposted) "Ridge Trail".

The trail itself is about a metre wide and immaculately maintained - it's easy to hike and effortless to navigate.

The terrain the path winds through is barren and wild, so it comes as something of a shock when Belfast city and port suddenly appear below you! The aerial view of the famous city is epic, and - if you're lucky enough to be here on a warm-ish day - sitting down to pick out some of the most famous sights is highly recommended.

Your study of Belfast can continue as you hike along the ridge because the city is constantly visible until you reach the summit of Black Mountain. Wave goodbye to the city and follow the still-clear trail which leads north-west, via a section of wooden walkway, down to 2 huge radio antennae.

Turn left upon reaching a road and then almost immediately go right on another road which is clearly signposted as the "Summit Trail".

Climb the road as it ascends steadily to another radio mast, this one on the summit of Divis peak.

Admire the view across Lough Neagh, the rolling hills around Belfast and - in the far distance - the Mourne Mountains. When you're done staring at the view, head north-west off the summit by following a superbly maintained trail which leads you easily back down to the road next to the Barn Coffee Shop.

Grab a coffee and a cake to toast your trip!