A nicely varied loop in the foothills near downtown, through a sheltered creek valley and across panoramic slopes.


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Hulls Gulch is a prominent canyon in the Boise Foothills, with a creek that tumbles from the mountains right down to Camel’s Back Park.

The Hulls Gulch trails are also some of the best in Boise, granting easy access and stellar views over the city.

Starting from a trailhead near North End, the trail network sprawls across the creek valleys and ridgelines of the foothills. Lower Hulls Gulch is the trail that traces the creek, on a cut bench through the canyon.

It ascends on mostly smooth tread, but with some rocky sections, across sagebrush slopes just above the willow-lined creekbed.

The little stream flows for part of the year––icy in the winter, and crystal-clear with snowmelt in spring.

Eventually the trail meets a junction.

Upper Hulls Gulch continues from there, but the loop mapped here turns and crosses the creek to make a loop with Crestline trail. Crestline contours around a grassy ridge with views over Boise and the Treasure Valley, then continues downhill to meet Red Cliffs trail.

That trail drops sharply down a ridgeline and through a miniature canyon bound by sandstone outcrops, then links back with Hulls Gulch to complete the loop.

There’s no reason not to do this loop in reverse as well, in case you want to switch it up. Lower Hulls Gulch is one of the most popular trails near Boise, for both hikers and mountain bikers.

Being as narrow and steep as it is, this has created crowding problems in the past.

However, the new [2021 Pilot Program](https://www.ridgetorivers.org/2021pilotprogram/) has made it more evenly shared among all users.

Now, from spring through fall, the trail is open to hikers and uphill riders on even-numbered days of the month, and to downhill mountain bikers only on odd-numbered days.

In winter there are no restrictions, except that everyone should avoid the trail when it’s muddy.

So just choose the right day for Hulls Gulch, and you’ll be guaranteed a peaceful hike on one of Boise’s best local trails! Source: https://www.ridgetorivers.org/trails/detailed-area-descriptions/camels-back-and-hulls-gulch-reserve/