A great couloir in High Country Wilderness of northern Finland


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Tierbmisvarri central couloir is located 15km from the village of Kilpisjärvi.

There are many couloirs in the north-facing side of the moutnain and the central one is perhaps the most aesthetic looking.

You can travel to Tierbmisvarri by ski touring or with snowmobile, which only guides or local authorities are licensed to do. In there is also wilderness cabin which has two sides - one that’s open and the other that you need reservation. Staying in the wilderness cabin is recommended for ski touring only.

This is a good place to make a camp and spend some more time in the area. APPROACH: Approach the couloirs from the cabin.

The distance to the bottom is between 2 - 4km depending on the line you want to do. Once at the bottom, you can tour up until you reach the mouth of the couloir. It is very straightforward climbing with the exception of the short crux in the middle.

Take at least one ice ax just in case because the top of the couloir is very steep.

Once you reach the crux, take a small break and then continue to the top. Once at the top, you can choose which entry point you want to use for a drop in.

Base your decision making to conditions you experienced on the way up the couloir.

The crux in the middle is not difficult to navigate but can be dangerous if conditions are hard.

Take care here. Once the crux is cleared you enter the lower part of the couloir which is very aesthetic.

If you are lucky, you can enjoy good snow here.

Ride all the way down to lake and be happy you did it, even if the conditions were tough.

Experiencing couloir riding or skiing in Finland is always special thing!