A very easy to access trail, thanks to the public transportation in Innsbruck


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Innsbruck is known for the many possibilities that it has to offer, and this is definitely the fastest trail to access by public transport from the city: you can either jump on the J bus line towards Nordkette and hang your bike on the rack in the back, or take advantage of the Hungerburg Bahn.

Obviously, you can climb all the way up from town, which is approximately 300 vertical meters through gravel roads into the woods. Once you are in Hungerburg, there is a few minutes' commute to get to the entrance of the trail, where three small jumps are waiting for you.

After this section, you will directly merge into the famous Arzler Alm Trail, just before a section with a stunning landscape over the city.

If you haven’t taken a picture of you riding with the city in the background yet, that’s the place to snap it - doesn’t happen too often to have such a playground with a city as background.

The trail will lead to the same exit as Arzler Alm Trail, through the chainless and pump section. If you are the kind of rider who likes speed, berms, and small-sized jumps, this trail is definitely what you are looking for.

Are you a more technical rider? No worries, you won’t be disappointed either - there are some sections that will suit your style too! This trail makes you want to always speed up - but ride it carefully and do not exaggerate! Some sections are unexpected and tight!