Gravel experience of Nordkette from west to east.









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On this route, you will have the ultimate gravel experience of Nordkette from west to east. You will be amazed when you realize that - after pedaling for such a short time - you are already deeply surrounded by nature and a completely different landscape than the city, which is lying just a few hundred meters below you.

The Nordkette mountain range makes Innsbruck one of the only medium-sized cities where you can still access the mountains in no time, which opens a lot of possibilities for any kind of sport - both in summer and winter - while living or spending holidays in town.

Taking the gravel bike for a spin on this route allows you to experience all the different sides and characteristics of Nordkette: gravel roads in green forests, crossing rivers and meadows, enjoying food and drinks on a few of the most popular huts in the chain and - obviously - admiring the view over the city from different perspectives. This route, given the elevation gain, the distance, and the steepness of the climb in different sections, requires moderate physical fitness.