A very popular fast and flowing machine built cross country biking trail









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This trail has quickly become a very popular classic and for good reason, buff, fast and flowing single track make this trail fun for many ages and ability levels.

You head out of the West Bragg Creek parking lot onto Bragging rights or a small climb trail called Whitetail.

Bragging rights trail is multi directional and as such it is good to not wear head phones, holler when you are going around blind corners and generally pay attention.

As a rule of thumb in this area trail etiquette is such that the person climbing has the right of way.

Once you reach the intersection of Merlin view, Bragging Rights and Reconnect you will head right onto Merlin View.

This section of the trail holds the bulk of sustained climbing but leads to a beautiful lookout area.

While the climbing is sustained it is not steep.

Once you come to a lovely lookout toward Moose Mountain with a small bench the trail will hairpin turn to start the descent.

The descent is fast and flowing but not particularly steep with few obstacles.

There are a few optional table top jumps and banked corners.

The downhill is sustained so no need to prepare for punchy climbs mid flow.

Enjoy the downhill ride! You will know it is over when you hit a very short climb to link back to the Bragging rights, Reconnect, Merlin view intersection.

The route on Bragging rights back to the car is a net downhill although feels quite undulating.

This trail is very popular and a classic fun ride for many locals.