Climb to a local landmark and enjoy an epic view!


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Scrabo Tower can be seen from miles around and it's a famous landmark which is popular with hikers from the Newtownards region.

We've drawn the hike starting from Newtownards town centre but it's obviously possible to begin the trip from anywhere in the town or its surroundings. Start by running through the outskirts of Newtownards on - in this order - High Street, Mill Street and, finally, Scrabo Road.

Cross over the A20 road and continue on Scrabo Road as it turns south and begins climbing.

When opposite a new housing development, turn right and climb up a lovely little path through trees which leads to a much wider and larger path.

Turn left on this larger path and follow it as it winds around to the south of Scrabo Tower and then climbs up to its summit via a useful and interesting information board just below the top which explains some of Scrabo's history and outlines details of the local wildlife. Upon reaching the summit a huge view is revealed to you, with Belfast, the Mourne Mountains and Strangford Lough all clearly visible.

There aren't that many summits in this region, so standing on top of Scrabo Tower is a rare treat as it allows you really understand the layout of the Belfast region. Retrace your steps off the summit and either head straight back to Newtownards or - better, and drawn here - head south-west past the entrance to Scrabo Gold Club and head into Killynether Wood.

There are paths everywhere but don't be fooled into heading too far right because there's no way out of the woods at their northern end.

Head down via quiet paths to reach Killynether Road and, upon hitting this, turn right and go north past some quiet farms and cottages to reach the A20 road.

Run alongside this and then branch rightwards off it to Old Belfast Road before passing back through suburbia to return to Newtownards town centre.