There are many ways down, and even more entrances!









FATMAP difficulty grade



Get out of the lift looker's right and step around the small peak skier's right.

There are often some tracks from here, usually first leading left around the bushes right below you.

In good conditions and for good skiers, you can actually go straight and blast through the bushes.

Beware though, while they look flimsy, they are easy to bend and essentially impossible to break.

You get caught, and if you do, you go flying! There are many ways down (another option:, and technically even many entrances (you could leave the lift looker's left and skinned up the the ridge, the gives you another entrance in return for 20 min hiking). Once on the flank, orient towards Ifen to limit the amount of skating to be done in the valley.

Turning skier's right opens up a section on the left at times has an easy pillow section, a fairly easy to ski section in the middle and some more playful terrain on the right.

Keep going until you reach the trees.

There are many ways through them, just basically goinging straight will get you to the winter path.

Take the lower one to avoid an unnecessary hike.

Once the trees open up, you see the t-bar on the left.

Ifen is next adventure.