A local go-to loop in the foothills, good for hiking shortly after the snow melts.


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This trail loop encircles part of the White Clouds Golf Course near Sun Valley Lodge, combining natural-surface trails and the paved Trail Creek Path.

Despite the proximity to a golf course and a subdivision, it’s a trail for hikers and bikers that’s always open to the public.

Start from the lodge parking lot, then simply cross the road to reach the trailhead.

The path meanders through sagebrush prairie and scattered trees among the hills, sometimes in view of the course but mostly overlooking the valley and the town of Ketchum.

You’ll see the lush ribbon of green along the Big Wood River, gaze up at the slopes of Bald Mountain, and notice the pointed summits of peaks on the horizon. In winter this may be a snowshoe hike, or the snow may be firm enough to walk without them, depending on conditions.

As the snow melts in early spring it can get too muddy to hike, but these trails tend to dry out faster than others in the area.

Therefore White Clouds It’s a go-to jaunt for locals and resort visitors in the spring, and remains popular all summer.

It’s especially beautiful in the fall, when the valley below turns orange and gold. Source: https://summertrailink.bcrd.org/whitecloudsloop.php