Beginner-friendly trails with easy access, and a local go-to for early season rides.









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This trail loop encircles part of the White Clouds Golf Course near Sun Valley Lodge, combining natural-surface trails and the paved Trail Creek Path.

Despite the proximity to a golf course and a subdivision, it’s a trail for hikers and bikers that’s always open to the public.

It’s easy to just ride here from town, or you can park at the lodge and cross the street. The trails weave through hillside prairie and among scattered trees, sometimes in view of the golf course but mostly overlooking the town and more of the valley.

Trail surface is for the most part smooth and firm, with just a few looser or rockier sections and some steep parts.

New riders can easily build skills here, and side trails present more challenges for those interested.

Low elevation and sunny slopes mean these trails dry out faster than most others in the area, making them good for early season rides.

That’s not to say that they’re never too muddy, however.

As with the rest of Sun Valley trails, they are easily damaged when wet.

If you leave a track, turn back! Source: