The fastest enduro loop in Garda Trentino


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What are the aspects that make the trails in Lake Garda famous all over Europe? Along with many other reasons, the technicality, the landscapes, and the extremely long descents play a big role.

Well, not all the trails actually require long ascents and hours of pedaling—this one is the shortest enduro loop you will find in the area! Monte Brione is the small hill in between the two towns of Torbole and Riva del Garda, a strategic location during the Great World War, which clearly left visible signs in the area, such as buildings and trenches. Starting from Riva del Garda - precisely from Porto san Niccolò - with less than 30 minutes climb on a mellow asphalt road alongside olive trees, and with a beautiful view over Riva del Garda’s gulf, you will get to the entrance of the only legal trail in Monte Brione, starting from almost the top of the hill.

The climb - even if short - might be really tough due to the heat and exposure to the sun, especially during midday and the summer season. It’s also worth investing an extra 10 minutes in pedaling up to the viewpoint at the top of the hill, which offers an amazing view all over the Lake, pointing south. The descent - in typical Lake Garda style - presents some technical sections with rock rolls and loose rock, but also some faster sections in the woods where you can let the bike gain some more speed.

The trail will always cross a forest road - all the way to the bottom - giving the possibility of pedaling back up some of the short sections. Once at the bottom, you are ready for the second lap! This hill is perfect for enduro training, giving you the possibility of pedaling back up very fast!