60-ish miles of rocky Pennsylvania singletrack, with a mid-point near the spectacular World End State Park.









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The Loyalsock Trail is the ultimate long-run goal for any distance trail runner in Pennsylvania - or the Northeast, for that matter.

Blazed with 2x6" yellow markers, the 60ish mile-long trail tours some of the most remote corners of Pennsylvania and includes an endless selection of stunning views overlooking a mountain gorge, and numerous creeks and waterfalls that feed it. In true long trail fashion, the trail parallels its namesake creek and "frequently climbs up and down ridges and mountain tops, passing many waterfalls, lakes, ponds, and historic places," according to the volunteer trail club that maintains the entirety of the trail.

Several side trails exist in Worlds End State Park if you'd like to see a particularly stunning view or waterfall, though the solitude found on the trail is a perk that appeals to many trail runners looking for a remote, backcountry adventure run. According to the trail club, "the name Loyalsock is derived from the Native American name Lawi-Saquick, meaning "Middle Creek," because the creek now known by that name is situated between Muncy Creek and Lycoming Creek." The original route was even blazed with mason jar lids with a painted "LT" on them, and many of them can still be found along the 60-mile stretch.

"Side trails are marked with yellow can lids bearing a red X," [PA Hikes](https://pahikes.com/blogs/loyalsock-trail) notes.

In total, the 60-mile trail boasts an incredible 13,000' of elevation gain as it snakes in and out of the rocky Pennsylvania Mountains.

Few FKT's (Fastest Known Time) records have been recorded by trail runners, though as of mid-2021, two of the fastest records hover around the 13-hour mark according to [this source](https://fastestknowntime.com/route/loyalsock-trail-pa). Sources: https://pahikes.com/blogs/loyalsock-trail https://fastestknowntime.com/route/loyalsock-trail-pa