An epic and aesthetic couloir


6 - 7









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The east couloir of Trondskjortetinden is a perfect cut through the mountain and makes a truly aesthetic couloir.

This line is often a season starter in the area and can, when you get it in the right time, offer superb snow conditions.

Actually there may be snow in this couloir all year around! Park your car at the innermost parking lot in Øksendalen.

Follow a little road, passing a little power station before crossing the river by a bridge.

Now you are at Brandstadbu.

Continue on the path and keep to the left when it splits in two.

Cross the river and follow it until you pass the tree line.

Then stay a bit more to the south-west, heading towards Saufjellet.

Right before Saufjellet, stay a little bit to the north and head for the col between Saufjellet and Henrikbotnnebba.

At the col, looking to the west, you should be able to see the grand couloir on Trondskjortetind straight ahead of you.

Take off your skins and make a short descent to the lake at 949 m.a.s.l.

Put on the skins again at the lake and kick-turn your way as far up the couloir as can before boot packing the rest.

The couloir is pretty wide in the lower sections and narrows a bit in the top, still without any major difficulties for the experienced skier with the steepest section around 40 degrees.

Consider bringing crampons and ice axe, there may be hard crust in the top section of the couloir. Transition on the top of the couloir before descending the same way back.

Norwegian free skiing legend Asbjørn Eggebø Næss rode this couloir in the "Supervention" movie by Field Productions, making it a quality stamp of the line.