New and updated course for Mt. Esja Marathon 2021









FATMAP difficulty grade



First climb and descent: ESJUSTOFA-KERHÓLAKAMBUR From the starting line, you head west on a gravel road parallel to the highway.

You turn right on a trail towards „Esjuberg“.

There you run to a canyon on the east side of the mountain where you start the climb.

The first part of the climb is steep and rocky and and large quantities of snow are always present on the upper slopes.

When you reach the top (Kerholakambur) you will see the checkpoint.

 You follow the same path on the way down except for the last part, where you turn to the right towards a cliff in direction of the sea.

Go slowly and take care as the last 100m of the descent through the cliffs are very steep and technical. Second climb and descent: GLJÚFURDALUR-ÞVERFELLSHORN After the descent you go back into the canyon but continue through the valley „Gljufurdalur“.

Be careful when you go over the rocky ridge and don‘t forget to enjoy the scenery.

The path continues upstream until you reach the second checkpoint "the Rock or  „Steinn“.

From Steinn you climb all the way to the top of „Þverferllshorn“ where the third checkpoint is located.

You follow the same path to Steinn (Checkpoint), but after that you turn left and follow a gravel road until you turn left on the "NÍPAN" downhill trail (NEW 2021).

After descending you turn right and follow a wide stony trail through the forest and all the way to Esjustofa (Aid Station). ​ Third climb and descent: BLUE steep trail TO THE STONE (NEW 2021) After the stop at the aid station at Esjustofa you follow the same path all the way up to  "Steinn" (Checkpoint).

Then you go straight back down to Esjustofa via the south path. Fourth climb and descent: FOREST TRAIL TO THE STONE On the fourth climb to the Steinn (checkpoint) you go through the small forest (No 4 on the map) until you reach the same gravel path as on the second downhill and third climb.

You follow that path all the way to Steinn "The Rock" before descending back the south path to Esjustofa. Fifth climb and descent: MT.

ESJA VERTICAL LAP The last climb is the classic route (straight up) up to Steinn "The Rock"  and then the east route down.

You start by running a  700m loop near Esjustofa before heading up the last climb.

The finish line will be waiting for you at Esjustofa after your last descent.