A stellar loop of hilly singletrack, with views over the valley and big mountains all around.









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This route combines two quality loops into one classic ride.

It links a rolling traverse along the Big Wood River with swooping singletrack in the hills, topped off with incredible views of the valley and surrounding peaks.

With the exception of the wide trail along the river, it’s all hardpack singletrack that’s mostly smooth, with some rockier sections and creek crossings for technical elements.

There’s a nice mix of forest and flower-filled meadows, but for the most part you can expect sun-exposed slopes.

It’s a good ride for most levels, but the elevation gain will make you work! As mapped here it begins from Fox Creek trailhead, but you could alternatively start at Oregon Gulch or Lake Creek to add a little distance.

The flats along the river make a good warmup before the climb into the hills.

Note that most of the trails are two-way, but the western portion of Fox Creek is directional (north to south riding only), so it makes the most sense to ride this loop counter-clockwise. Source: https://summertrailink.bcrd.org/foxchocolateloop.php