Extremely technical descent for expert riders only.


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The well-known trail on Molte Altissimo - the definition of technical enduro ride! On this route, you will access the lower part of the trail starting from Dòs Casina: this section of the trail is the official section stated as downhill track and maintained by AGBA (Alto Garda Bike Arena).

The access to the trail is from the asphalt road going up from Nago to Prati di Nago, towards Monte Altissimo peak.

The climb is often steep and sun-exposed, and it is pretty tough to ride it during midday, especially under the mid-summer sun, but the landscapes you can admire from time to time are amazing.

Concerning the descent starting from Dòs Casina - even if the trail is maintained by the local community, it is absolutely left natural on purpose and not cleaned, with lots of loose rocks laying around - there's only two jumps at the beginning, and a couple of berms are shaped in order to add some variety.

The single trail is really narrow, and there are not many possibilities of choosing your line, but you have to follow the only possible way through instead.

The trail requires extremely high riding skills; this is the most severe option here around - and probably the most severe you have ever done! If this trail is severe already when dry, it’s clearly going to be even harder when wet (it is really not recommended to try). It’s time to really challenge your technical riding skills—you cannot find a trail like this often nowadays!