A ripping flow line alternating between berms, jumps, and rocks.


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Glorieta Adventure Camps boasts the best purpose-built mountain bike trail system in New Mexico.

The evolution of this network is a curious story of fortuitous connections and private land ownership.

While the story is long and winding, today, riders from across the Southwest have flock to these fantastic trails to shred the gnar and enjoy the flow lines. Currently, the best flow line at Glorieta is known as Holy Mole.

This flow trail is rated by the camp as an intermediate line, although a few optional features do trend toward advanced difficulty.

I'd call this trail a dark blue, and thus I've awarded it a "Difficult" FATMAP rating. After pedaling to the top by taking Baptist Bypass to Snack Pack, you'll be able to descend either Chili Dog, which is a black diamond tech trail, or the blue flow line featured here: Holy Mole. Holy Mole is a fast, flowy descent that absolutely rips down the mountain.

Perfectly-sculpted berms help keep the speed high and funnel riders into beautiful tabletop jumps.

Since the terrain is so damn rocky here, the flow trail does have to give way to rocks in places, but some of the rock features, like the fast straight line down a steep slab, are highly entertaining in and of themselves. Do note that there are also a few optional black (or double black) hits off to the side of this trail—in particular, one massive double with a near-vertical lip to an unforgiving landing just beyond a massive rock boulder.

Beware these features until you know what you're getting into. That said, intermediate riders can easily avoid these obstacles and will have an absolute ball on the perfectly-sculpted flow line.

At the bottom, you will NOT be ready to be done, and you may just have to pedal back up for another lap!